Crafting day at my sister’s house! She made some jewelry while I made notebooks, then we had homemade bruschetta for lunch, (Yum!) and took a walk in the woods… I wish we could do this more often :)

About Me~

From finger painting birthday cards, making polymer clay beads and fashioning them into jewelry, to sewing pot holders with Grammie, and scrap booking family vacation pictures, crafting has always been a part of my life. 

More recently, my crafting adventures have included making dreamcatchers, hand embroidery, and art journaling, (and I admit it, I finger painted a wedding card for a best friend last year…) but despite my varied interests over the years, the one thing I always come back to is paper. I love it in every form imaginable ~ specialty printed pages, card stock, hand made papers, recycled bits and pieces, notebooks, journals, anything! 
So, take paper + my budding love for embroidery, and viola! You have Bonnie Paper Works!

For me, the idea of starting a business is an exciting one - it’s a way for me to do something I love, provide others with beautiful and useful items, and have a little help in financing some of my bigger goals in life ~ Such as building myself a tiny Tumbleweed home. I’m honestly surprised it took me this long to put my passion to work!